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Your Reflection Studio, Photography Services
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Your Reflection Studio, Inverness Photography Studio for the Scottish Highlands.

Who are We?

Your Reflection Studio is a leading photography studio based in Inverness in the North of Scotland. We offer our services from a studio, near Inverness called Easter Drummond  Currently it lets us produce images for product and food, as much of our other client work is done on site on or in their premises. Our customer base covers the breadth of Scotland and the UK, as-well-as locally across Inverness Tain, Thurso and Elgin through to Aberdeen. They range all sizes of business and marketing or PR agencies from small bistro establishments, guest house owners, multinational construction business to engineering companies, media and food producers.  We do specialise in property photography and architectural photography as well as food and product. Our clients require images that range from brochure ware images to website support and sales promotional photographs. We are engaged for employee photo shoots, process or manufacturing photographs, events and conferences. The range is wide and changes often by each commission. We are also heavily involved in product photography, catalogue and pack shot image production.

Working with companies.

As you would expect we have a wide range of photographic experience which we bring to all our clients. Beyond this we offer advice on styling and creation of set-piece arrangements and model work. As a studio, we also have a wide and extensive knowledge of marketing and public relations.  This experience gained over 25 years plus that gained as a commercial photographer, helps us with both client side and agency side commissions, providing the next level in commercial photographic services.

As a broad base business, we provide photography services and support for:
Event & Conferences
Business Events
Architectural & Estate Agency Support
Sporting Estate
Hotel, BNB and Guest house (Guest House) Images
Product & Catalogue
On-Pack and Promotional
Public Relations and Publicity Images
Food and Beverage Photography
Food Styling
Restaurant images

For each commission we will produce a series of images that explore the subject or the premises and present these to you on an online proofing portal.  All the images taken are yours, no matter how many are taken. The price quoted is always fixed price with no additional expenses charged.  Once happy with the images they will then be sent to you in four formats for ease of use, on a DVD disk or supplied via Internet and Dropbox.

Inverness Photographer

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The Studio, Easter Drummond Farmhouse, Whitebridge, Inverness, Inverness-shire, IV2 6UP
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